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Harley-Davidson® Testimonials

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More Stability, Longer Rides

SSgt. Hicks wrote about Mustang a while back while serving in Afghanistan. One of his favorite things about his Mustang seat is that it pushes slightly into his lower back, giving him more stability so that he can ride longer. Thank you for your service, SSgt. Hicks, and welcome home to Jacksonville, NC!


Best Thing I've Ever Done

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have. We winter in Arizona and summer in Michigan, so I ride pretty much year round. I've had two back surgeries and suffer from arthritis. A few year's back I was thinking about giving up riding because of the pain. A friend of mine told me about Mustang seats and said they are worth every penny. I gave it some thought and decided to purchase one for my Heritage.

Best thing I've ever done. The difference is unreal! We just completed a trip around the United States: 11,535 miles, 33 days, 42 states and no pain. I tell everyone about your company. Thanks for making such a good seat! We love it.

Jim & Sherry, Flint, MI

Heavenly Ride

My wife and I just finished our first ride on my new studded wide touring seat with driver backrest. Although less than 100 miles, we have already felt the incredible improvement in comfort on my 1996 Heritage. I coupled the solo with a 14 inch studded passenger pad and my wife is now in heaven also. On our old seat she was good for about 30 minutes. We just rode an hour and 10 minutes without stopping. We were both amazed.

I have never written a review on a product, but am so incredibly impressed by this seat that I felt compelled to do so. The styling and quality are great and installing it was a breeze. So few things these days are really what they are advertised to be, especially on the internet. This seat is better than advertised.

Extremely impressive product. My only complaint: Why didn't I do this years ago!!?

Dennis B., Swansboro, NC

No Hoka Hey without a Mustang Seat

I wouldn't even consider riding 11,000 miles on the Hoka Hey Challenge without my Mustang Wide Touring Seat with the Driver Backrest.

Bill A., Hoka Hey Rider, Murrieta, CA

Happy Tripper

I am so happy with the Tripper solo seat that I recently purchased for my Ultra Classic that I just had to tell the future patrons about it. I can ride all day with this seat and never get tired. For such a small seat, I have never had one so comfortable and so sleek looking at the same time.

I finally found a seat that will allow me to take overnight trips with the same comfort level as any touring seat out there. Thank all of you folks at Mustang Seats for putting together such a quality product.

David S., Bonaire, GA

No “Pain Relief” Stops

I recently replaced my stock Electra Classic seat with a Mustang #75449 Wide Touring. Since then, I've ridden from Santa Barbara, CA, to Indianapolis, IN, to Chicago, IL, then back to Santa Barbara.

The original seat loaded up my tailbone and necessitated stops every hour and limited days to less than 400 miles. The Mustang seat has a much better load spread for my 220 lbs. The ride to Indy included a 1010 mile day with no stops made for pain relief.



David, Santa Barbara, CA

Saddlebag Lid Covers

I bought a pair of Mustang saddlebag lid covers when I got my new FLHR.

I tried a couple other brands and Mustang was the best by a mile. Best fit, best finish, best mounting method. Seriously, I don't know why other makers even bother. There is no comparison. Who'd want to use stick-on Velcro or straps or have some thick fabric spring your lid hinges? Plus, they match my Mustang Sport Touring seat!

John B., Marietta, GA

Long Rides Used To Be Out Of The Question

Just want to say how happy I am with my recent purchase. Riding my Sportster with the stock seat became uncomfortable after about a half hour. Long rides were pretty much out of the question. After doing a little research and talking to some friends I decided to try the Mustang seat. I called and talked to one of your consultants and explained my situation. He recommended the solo seat. The seat arrived in time for a major club ride. There is no comparison. Riding my bike is so much more comfortable. I’ve taken a couple of 3-4 hour rides with almost no butt fatigue!

I also bought the fender and tank bibs (impulse purchase). The seat and bibs were easy to install. Several of my friends really liked the bibs and asked where I got them. I gave them your web site address (do I get a commission?!). Besides protecting the paint, I think they look pretty good.


Joe C., Round Lake, IL

No Comparison!

Comment: Just recently I purchased a 2008 Harley Sportster 1200L. Great bike except for one thing, THE STOCK SEAT!!!!!! First I tried a gel pad and the ride was somewhat OK, but still after about 30 mins. in the seat and my ass was killing me. So low and behold I discovered the Mustang website and started reading all the customer comments about your products. I saw the pics and thought what have I got to lose, so I ordered the Mustang Wide Vintage Solo seat for my bike.

I placed the order on a Monday and received the seat on Thursday afternoon and had it installed in about 15 mins. I was very surprised at the difference in workmanship in the Harley stock seat and the Mustang. After the install I loved the new look of my bike, it somehow looked beefy and meaner than before.

I thought well the looks are there, now for the ride test. Rode for about 2 hours and all I can say is it was unreal. Just like seating in my recliner, no comparison at all the the previous stuff I had tried before. Thanks again Mustang for a GREAT product!!!!!

Yours Truly,

Charles W., Elizabeth City, NC

If You're A Rider, Only A Mustang Seat Will Do

Anyone can make a good looking saddle but only Mustang makes one that provides comfort and good looks. If admiring your bike is what you're all about, any saddle will do, but if you're a rider, only a Mustang will do. I made the mistake of buying a "____" for my FXR, the warranty was worse than the saddle. The saddle wound up in the trash and was replaced with a Mustang. When it came time to purchase a real saddle for my Road King, I made my choice without hesitation, Mustang.

Two trips from upstate New York to the West coast were all I needed to realize the value of Mustang saddles.

Bill W., Saratoga Spring, NY

New seat

The Vintage touring seat installed in minutes on my Dyna Fat Bob. Just got back from the first ride and the seat feels great. Looking forward to an all day ride with it. My wife and I thank you very much.

Marty and Janet S., Jasper, Alberta

Seat Order

You guys and gals are incredible. I just ordered my seat yesterday, Monday, and it arrived at my home today, Tuesday. I don't know how you got it out the door so fast. I can't wait to put it on tonight and try it out. It looks more comfortable than my stock seat just looking at it.

Thanks so much!

Bruce L., Allentown, PA


After three Hondas in the early years, I am now on my third Harley: 2006 FLHTCUI with 39,800 miles. My wife has 8 tungsten screws and two tungsten rods along with the hardware to attach the rods to her spine. Before the Mustang Seat she would need a break after about 70 miles, sometimes less. I put the Mustang seat on around 16,000 miles.

The week we made a 500 mile trip to Niagara Falls, NY, I kept asking her if I should pull over and let her stretch. She kept saying no! she sat on the Mustang seat for 500 miles 15 hours, stopping only for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I finally said to her whaddya think gave you the ability to ride like this? She said "Mustang".

I since have sold my son one for his Street Glide as well as my neighbor and several others. I will never be without a Mustang seat whatever I ride. Thanks for a great product and thanks for giving my wife back the pleasure of riding.

Thomas T., Millsboro, DE

Thanks for "Exceeding my Expectations"

I purchased the seat and driver backrest a few years ago. This great seat has allowed me to add miles per day, and run tank to tank. The seat is still in great shape today and exceeded my expectaions. My stepson rode my bike, liked the seat so well, we purchased the same type of seat for his Honda ACE. Keep the horses running.

David B., Edgerton, KS

I am highly impressed

I have been running your seats on my bike for over 2 years. 17k+ miles later it still feels as comfortable as sitting in my recliner at home. I never get tired of riding, and for a 50 year old overweight man, that is saying something.

I bought this seat on the recommendation of a lady I used to know. Never regretted this in the least. Your product is incredible.


Kevin R., North Augusta, SC

Ride for Hours in Comfort

Hello to you at Mustang. I bought a Mustang seat two years ago for my 1985 Harley Davidson. After using it for that time I can tell you it is a fantastic product and very high quality. I also got your matching sissy bar pad at the same time. Those items are #75309 pad and #6-F853WN/75463 seat. I installed these with a sissy bar and side plate kit, and I could not be happier with the results. Now when I have a passenger on the back they can ride for hours in comfort. I was sorry to see you have discontinued most of the seats for the older Harley Davidson's from 1985. I am very glad I got mine when I was still able. Please find enclosed a picture of my bike with your seat and sissy bar pad on it. I bought this bike brand new in '85 and plan on keeping it forever. I'm sure your seat will last as long as the bike does!

Thanks again for a great product made in the USA that makes motorcycling more enjoyable. I'm very proud to have a Mustang seat on my bike!

Best regards,

Marc T., Calgary Alberta

Nice Seat

We enjoy the seat on our FX/FL!   I have attached a picture of Sally (78 FLH-80), nice seat!!


Brent & Jami S., Tampa FL

Picture Perfect

Here’s some pics of my Fat Boy with the Mustang seat and backrest pad--looks pretty good!  Also is a pic with the seat in "solo mode" with the rear fender bib.  Feel free to pass them on!


Brad K., Calgary, AB, Canada

Even the Dog Enjoyed the Ride

My seat came in yesterday and it looks great on the bike.  The wife likes it and we took the dog (in a carry pouch) for a ride last night and all enjoyed themselves. Thanks!

Brian W., Kennesaw, GA

Customers for Life
I received the brackets today and once installed, the seat fits perfectly.  My wife was very excited.  Thank you for your speedy response and thank Mustang for making such a great seat.  Now she has one on her Heritage and I have one on my Street Glide.  We will be customers for life.  Just wanted to say Thank You!

Justin S., Weatherford, TX

One of my Better Decisions in Life

Buying a Mustang seat was probably one of my better decisions in life!  From what I could tell so far, it'll be comfortable riding from this day out.  My girlfriend called her half of the seat a "couch" - and loves it. Thanks again.

Bill A., LaFayette, NY

Brand New Bike

My friends are impressed!  It seems that, after my project, I ended up with a brand new 1999 Harley Sportster.  Once again, thank all of those that had something to do with making it. 

Bill H., Fargo, ND

Over 1,000 Miles and No Back Pain

I got to try my new seat out on my Softail and I love it.  No back pain.   I rode over 1,000 miles and I just have never had a better seat (and I have been riding for over 30 years and I want to ride 30 more).  I have let all my friends know how great it was.  A friend tried 4 different seats companies and he always whined about them, so I let him ride my bike and he likes it.  Thank you for all your help.

Dean W., Salinas,CA

Beautiful Seat

Thank you for the wonderful seat!  It not only fits perfectly to my Dyna, it looks good!  This is not the first time I have ordered from you, and I must say, I am more than content. Very good service, simple to order, quick and unbelievable supply!!!

Thank you again.

Christian Z., Germany

Best Seat Ever

I love the seat!  It is the best seat ever.  Both my wife and I have them on our bikes (as you can see in the photos). The Sportster is my wife's and the 8-Ball is mine. We both love the seats and feel that they are by far the best seat out there.  We rode 500 miles in two days and our butts felt great!!


P. Starr, Chandler, AZ

Love My New Mustang Seat

Here is a picture from my recent trip.  We rode 1400 miles in 4 days!  I LOVE MY NEW MUSTANG SEAT!!!  You should be able to tell by me kissing it in the photo! My butt appreciates it also!

Thank you all soooooo much!



Cari S., Thurmont, MD

Can't Stop Smiling

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received the seat today.  This bike is actually my wife’s bike and for the first time since she bought it she feels comfortable while sitting on it.  She absolutely loves the seat from a comfort standpoint as well as  aesthetically.  She has thanked me numerous time in the last half hour and she can’t stop smiling.  The quality of the seat along with the excellent customer service you provided made this a very pleasurable experience.  I am now a Mustang fan and will use and recommend your seats from now on.   I have attached a picture so you can see how great it looks on the bike.

Thanks a million,


Phil F., Okeana, OH

Difference is Amazing

Just bought a Mustang Vintage Solo seat for my 2009 Sportster. The difference between this seat and the stock seat is amazing. Certainly is a comfortable ride. Thanks for manufacturing a great product.

Ken M., Rock Island, IL

Ride is Much More Comfortable 

I just put 200 miles on my seat and it's great.  Thank you for making my ride so much more comfortable.  Now both my wife and I are happy riders.

Lenny D., Kanab, UT

Amazing Difference

I bought your solo seat for my Sportster.  Amazing difference from the stock seat.

I used to be sore after two hours.  Now it’s great now matter how long I ride. Thanks.

Jim Woods

“Made in America” Matters

Just received my second Mustang seat. Bought one for my wife’s Dyna last year and just got one for my Deuce. We got the solo seats with the backrests.

I really like the quality of your products. What a great ride!

Would also like to say thanks for being 'Made in America'--it matters to me. I will continue to support your company and recommend you to my friends. Thanks.

Dave Nelson

Incredibly Comfortable

I took my FatBoy on a 1000 mile ride in Arkansas last fall. Based on some discomfort from so much seat time on the FatBoy, coupled with the fact that I recently had the opportunity to ride a Street Glide which I thought handled better than the FatBoy, I decided that I was going to upgrade to a Street Glide next year.

Well, after three days on the FatBoy with the new Mustang seat, I am now thinking about keeping the FatBoy. I was incredibly comfortable on the bike with your seat and accompanying backrest. When the ride was over I realized that I did not have the discomfort or back pain that I experienced on other rides, not one iota of pain.

I wanted to personally thank you for the Mustang seat on my FatBoy. You sure have engineered a great product. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial for the great products that Mustang Seats puts in the marketplace. I am a life long customer.

Jay, Ft. Worth, TX

Could not be Happier

If Harley-Davidson had a seat for my Super Glide like your Solo with Conchos, they would have the perfect ride. This is my second Mustang seat. Could not be happier.

Bill Norton

Highest Recommendation

I have a Dyna Wide Glide 2005 with stretched foot pegs and a Burly ape handlebar which can put a strain on the lower back for long rides. Since having Mustang seats before, there was no other brand in my mind after years of use--still looking like new, and no buttocks pains like other club members have after long rides.


I bought the same seat model, but now have the Wide Touring Studded Solo Seat with Driver Backrest with backrest and the Studded Recessed Rear Seat. The difference is unbelievable. They fit like a glove, and the comfort is awesome.

Now I can ride as long as I’m able to stay awake. Quality products like this are hard to find nowadays. I give this seat my highest recommendation.

Jon H., Iceland

Felt Like my Recliner at Home

I recently bought a new super touring seat with driver backrest for my 2009 Road King Classic. I am very pleased with the seat.

As a truck driver who has had two lower back surgeries and one neck surgery, as well as being 6' 5" tall and 275 lbs., I could not get comfortable on my motorcycle--that is, until I bought your seat. I was ready to quit riding altogether (and I have been riding over 40 years).

Once I put your super touring seat on, I took a 740 mile ride that day from Phoenix, AZ, to Clovis, NM. My back and backside did not hurt at all. With the exception of having to stop for gas, I motored right along. I felt as if I was in my recliner at home. I spent the night in Clovis and rode 740 miles back to Phoenix.

With all that being said I was pleased to know I will continue riding until the Lord calls me, and then I will ask if I can bring my bike and my Mustang seat.

You folks have a home run with this seat. Thank you and stay safe.

Gerry T., Phoenix, AZ

Seeing (& Sitting) is Believing

I just wanted to tell you how much we both like our new Mustang seat on our Screaming Eagle .

I was skeptical about it but purchased a two-piece seat at Daytona Bike Week and just can't believe the difference--especially the passenger seat. We went through 3 seats before we finally got the right one to make us both happy. The staff there was so helpful and did everything to find us the right seat.

Now we are both comfortable. I would recommend the Mustang seats to anyone. Seeing (and sitting) is believing!

RL & Bev, Airville, PA

Over 60,000 Miles and Still Looks Like New

I bought a Mustang solo seat with a backrest for my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

I totally loved it.

I put over 60,000 miles on that seat and it still looks like new. The Mustang seat is the most comfortable seat I have ever ridden on. I just bought a new Electra Glide Standard and I will be getting a Mustang seat for that, too.

Kenneth S., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Riding Pain Free

I have had numerous leg operations and lower back problems. After three seats I was at my wit’s end. I had heard about Mustang seats and was reluctant.

Went ahead and tried a wide vintage seat. I can tell you now there is a God. I have had the seat nearly a year now and it absolutely allows me to ride my bike pain free and no more numbing.

Thank you, Mustang Seats, for new life.

Tom S., Fairmount, ND

Comfy Hobo

I want to tell you how happy your Mustang Seat makes my butt! I totally loved it.

I often ride as "Hoagy the Harley Ridin' Hobo", of Hoagy's Heroes’ long distance charity riders from West Virginia. You can see me scootin' down the road on my Ultra Classic with over 44,000 miles of smiles. I have ridden numerous SaddleSores, Record BunBurners, a Border to Border, and a 50CC--all with a Mustang seat between my legs. In the last five years, we have ridden over 400,000 miles for children's charities. It started out as a fun run and grew into our current non-profit organization that brings in riders from 12 different states so far.

It's all about adding smiles to the miles. Thank you.

Robert C., Moundsville, WVI

Unbelievable Comfort

My Mustang seat has been unbelievable. Very comfortable--I can ride as long as I want. I have the solo, passenger pillion, tall sissy bar pad, and fender bib on my Screamin’ Eagle. All quality products.

Thanks Mustang, I highly recommend your products to fellow riders.

David H., New Berlin, WI

Completely Satisfied

I am completely satisfied with my Mustang seat with Driver Backrest. My butt and back were not sore after riding over 200 miles to Bike Week.

Rick “Harley Dad” F., Merritt Island, FL

Best Seat Ever Made

Just like to say that the seat for my FL Ultra Clasic arrived in excellent shape and I am enjoying it in such comfort.

Best seat ever made. Thanks again.

Roy P., Norland, ON, Canada

Extraordinary Customer Service

I received my new Mustang Seat for my Sportster last week. It's a great seat and everything I was looking for.

What came as a surprise was the extraordinary customer service I received. Your rep Sue was outstanding as she guided me through the purchase process and answered my many questions about the seat construction and costs. As promised, I received a voice mail before shipping. I called to verify the credit card that was used and expected voice mail since it was early in the morning. I accidentally reached "Rae" who, rather than telling me to call back during business hours, said "since you're on the phone I'll look your order up now." This may seem simple but this kind of customer service is the kind of customer service you find from ownership and pride.

Thanks to Sue and Rae. You are great employees and I'm sure you're appreciated by the Mustang Motorcycle Products corporation.

Kirby S., Manassas, VA

Performed as Advertised

Was finally able to get a weekend without rain to try out the One-Piece Smooth Touring Seat and Smooth Rider Backrest for my FLHX Street Glide.

After 340 miles total, I could actually get off my bike without my butt feeling totally numb or like I needed back surgery. The seat was firm, but stayed comfortable. The rider backrest fit the small of my back like it was custom made for me.

So nice to have something that performed as advertised. Good work, Mustang!

Chuck B., VA

Hugged my Seat

Hey, just bought one of your seats (part # 76404) and LOVE IT!! I want every one to know how great y’alls seats are. I know a lot of people know that already but I just wanted to let you guys know how glad I am for buying a Mustang seat and would love to help y’all sell more.

I had told my brother-in-law that I had put 5 different types of heel rests on the bike but that they seemed to adjust me just a little to where my butt got numb after just a short ride. I really liked the last set of heel rests but I thought I was going to have to take them off and then he said “No, get a good seat like Mustang” and I'm so glad I did.

After the first time I got through riding on the Mustang, I got off my 2007 Softail Standard and hugged my seat--the difference was amazing. I have told everybody I could about the seat and how much better my Harley rides.

There’s nothing like a Mustang seat. You guys have done great!! Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of my seat.


Barbara H., West Monroe, LA

Love the Seat

I just want to make a comment regarding your One-Piece Studded Touring Seat #75577. WOW!!! I just purchased the seat for my Harley-Davidson Road King. Well, it was delivered Monday, installed on my bike Tuesday, and on Wednesday I took the bike on a 100 mile round trip--you know, to see how the seat feels. Well, it felt good.

So, that being said, the next Saturday I left Long Island, New York, for a "road trip" to Robbinsville, NC. Well, let’s put it this way: I got home 8 days and over 3200 miles later and not once did my butt hurt.

I love, love, love the seat! Thank you for the excellent product!

Lee D., Long Island, NY

All Smiles, No Pain

I left Robbinsville, NC, on the "DRAGON " and rode to Johnstown, PA, on my 1999 Wide Glide with your Wide Vintage Seat: 600+ miles. All smiles, no pains. Truly the best seat in the business for any motorcycle.

Michael G., Levittown,, PA

A Whole New Level

I just got back from a 500 mile, 2-day ride along the California coast on my Harley XL Roadster. I weigh 250 pounds, and my Mustang one-up seat took me comfortably all the way.

This seat looks HOT on the bike. My brother and riding partner for the past 30 years said "Dude, that seat makes yer ride look 100 percent cooler, and it feels great!"

My Mustang seat is the best thing I ever put on a motorcycle--period.

I read-up, worried over, fretted, re-considered, looked at reviews and, with utter trepidation, chose a Mustang vintage wide.

Just 9 minutes after the box was open it was on, perfect fit, beautiful finish, totally stable- didn't rattle like the stock set-up, and wonderful, and I was on the way to a whole new level of loving riding my bike. I can't say enough about it. I love it and it makes all the difference in the ride.

Brennen R., Ventura, CA

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