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Honda Testimonials

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Mustang Seat is a Real Butt Saver

In 2010 I covered 3,385 miles in 11 days on a 2008 Honda VT750C2 and could not have done it without a Mustang seat. My body took a beating, but my butt didn’t feel any the worse! That was incredible! My ride covered from Georgia to Colorado, spending a couple of days there, and then returning to Georgia. I will never ride with anything else. I am now looking to get a seat for a 2010 Sabre 1300 so I should be in good shape for my next ride. My family hasn’t had me committed yet, even when I decided to celebrate my 50th by jumping out of an airplane! You ever hear the line, “Why would I jump out of a perfectly flyable airplane”? The answer: “Because the door was open.” (I didn’t have the guts for an 8 hr class to jump alone.)

Ron from Atlanta, Georgia

Doubled my Butt’s Range

I was a little bit leery about spending $500 on a seat but I ordered the wide touring seat for my Honda VTX 1800N. I received it about two weeks before my trip from Las Vegas, NV to Pottsville, PA and back... 2600 miles each way.

I made this trip last year and I had to stop for gas about every 80 or 90 miles--not because I needed gas but I had to get the blood flowing in my butt again. This year with the Mustang seat I went no less than 150 per stop and that's only because the gas light comes on around 180 miles. Easily doubled my butt's range. I ran 1150 miles the first day, traffic held me up the second and just over 900 miles the third day.

This seat has excellent back support and a much more relaxed riding position. Overall I traveled 6300 miles in two weeks and, although my butt would be fatigued at the end of the day, by morning I was good as new. Last year on the stock seat, my tailbone was screaming the whole time. This year, back-to-back 20 hour days in the saddle are no problem.

Thank you for an excellent seat that I would swear was made just for me. ‘If you’re on the fence about a Mustang seat, let me push you off into their product line.’

Howard “Nitro Nut” B., Las Vegas, NV

A True Gift of Comfort

I had to have back surgery in April which forced me to retire. As a retirement gift, the guys at work bought a Mustang seat with a driver backrest and presented it to me at my retirement party.

Four months later I went on a 3 day, 850 mile trip on my Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. I spent 7 hours on the 3rd day on the new seat in comfort.

I could not have made that trip without seat and backrest. My passengers also notice the new seat is much more comfortable then the stock seat.

Jim A., Eugene, Oregon

Stock Seat Cool Looking, But Uncomfortable

The Mustang driver seat with driver backrest and passenger seat turned my 750 C2 into a GREAT BIKE! The seat is not only very comfortable, but the center of gravity was raised just an inch or so but it makes the bike ride much better. It may also have something to do with how the Mustang Seat increases the support at the edges which also affects the balance of the bike - for the better!

I have always thought that 750cc was plenty of power. How often will I need go in excess of 100 MPH? But the sales people at the dealerships were always trying to upsell me to the 1100 or 1300 on the grounds that the bike was more comfortable.

Well, by putting this Mustang Seat on my 750 C2 I saved several thousand dollars by NOT having to buy a bigger bike AND my rear end is much more comfortable (even more so than on the bigger bikes).

Mustang Fan, Plano, TX

Ride for Hours Without Any Discomfort

After destroying my Concours, I decided to go with a cruiser, so I bought a Suzuki C50se. Good bike, but not as comfortable as my body would like (I'm 65). Then I remembered I had a similar problem when I had a Shadow Ace Tourer and the fix was a Mustang seat. So I ordered one.

Once installed, I was very pleased by the look and I keep on getting complements from fellow bikers on the look, and of course, they sat on the bike and could not believe the comfort . I did not remember what a difference in comfort the seat makes. Had it for 2 weeks, ride for hours without any discomfort, my girlfriend just loves it, it is a great product, worth every penny.

Thanks Mustang and keep up the good work!

Claude B., Mascouche, Quebec

Awesome seat

Hey Mustang. Thanks for the great seat. I ordered from one of your dealers received it in about 2 weeks to Canada. Lots of riding time left. The seat with the drivers backrest allows me to ride about 3 times longer than my horrible stock seat did. What were they thinking!

The mustang seat even looks better than the stock seat and gives me a much more comfortable riding position.

Thanks and I have already recommended your seat to other riders who were amazed at mine.

Ken V., Pitt Meadows, BC

Piece of Cake
I just returned overseas after a short break back home.  The weather was perfect and we had a chance to break in the two Mustang seats we purchased.  We rode a couple of 500 mile trips and can't believe how comfortable they were.  Unlike our stock seats that literally wear your butt out, the Mustang seats we extremely comfortable and made the trips a piece of cake.  We are really happy with them and look forward to our next trips.

Thanks for your help on this.  You make it a pleasure to do business with you and the company.

Sean O'Nale

My Tookus and Back Feel Great

Just got back from a weekend trip to Vermont and put over 400 miles on the seat - it was so comfortable!  Kept my tookus and my back feeling good the entire way. Thanks!

Margaret L., Bridgewater, MA

Can't Wait to Take Long Rides

Last week my husband bought one of your seats for his Honda VTX 1300 because I was having trouble with comfort on our patched Pennsylvania roads.  Sometimes the bumps would send a shooting pain from my tailbone into my legs and after 100 miles I could hardly walk.  YOUR SEATS ARE AWESOME!!!!  The comfort is incredible and I hardly feel the bumps in the road. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Mustand seat!!!!  Can't wait to take long rides now.


Karen F., Rockwood, PA


I was skeptical buying my Mustang seat but, after installing it and riding, I fell in love. No more back problems.

And by the way, the seat adds an awesome look to my bike.

Patrick W., Peralta, US

Comfy All the Way

I just completed a 30 day, 7,247 miles "around the US in 26 states" trip with my Mustang seat with driver back on my VTX1300R. (I had started my 30 day trip doing a 1,000 mile Iron Butt run in just 21 hours--and I was comfy all the way!!)

What a comfortable trip. I had bought a Mustang seat for my VT750 and drove a total of approximately 6,000 miles on day trips. Now, with the new one on the 1300, I am sold that Mustang is the best, comfortable seat! Thank you!!

Darlene B., Carson City, NV

Worth Every Nickel

I just opened the box for my '07 VTX 1300 Retro seat combo with backrest. Without even bolting this on my bike yet, I just want to say how impressed I am with the quality of work and design that has gone into this seat.

When I placed the order with my dealer, I had some reservations about the price. My dealer had a used '07 Retro in "the barn" which had the very same seat set-up. When I sat on it and felt my back being supported just exactly the way I needed, my reservations stopped.

I ordered your seat on Friday afternoon, it showed up the following Tuesday. How did they do that?

Being yet another "boomer" generation guy with a beat-up back, my first-of-the-season ride a few weeks ago on the stock seat made me wish I was home half way out. This is not why I ride.

I'll bolt on the seat when I get home from work today and will plan on heading out for upstate New York this weekend. I'm looking forward to it!

Again, a superb piece of work. Thank everyone in the shop for me.

Loren D.P., Baldwinville, MA

Three weeks later, Loren wrote to Mustang again…..

I have a little over 600 miles since my original post. I am amazed that my 59 year old back actually feels BETTER when I get off the bike then it felt when I got on.

If you wear a heated jacket, not only will your lower back have support but, as the power impulses from the engine find their way in just the right amount to the backrest, you'll have a heated massage while riding your V-Twin!

It is worth every nickel.

Loren D.P., Baldwinville, MA

Best Money Ever Spent
After 200 miles with the stock seat on my Honda Sabre, I needed no convincing that I needed another seat.

My dealer recommended Mustang and I am glad he did. The seat was easy to install and, to date, I have taken many long trips including a recent one-day, 650 mile trip. The ole butt experienced zero pain and, although I was tired, my fatigue was not due to having to deal with a stock seat.

One year later and 10,500 miles on it, my Classic Touring seat looks and feels as good today as the day it was installed. This seat is the best money I have ever spent. Thanks Mustang.

Roy F., Cincinnati, Ohio

No Shoulder Taps
I purchased the Mustang Touring seat for my VTX 1300C.

I love it, but my wife loves it more. With the stock seat, she would only take short rides but, with the Mustang seat, she is comfortable enough to ride much longer--with no complaints and no shoulder taps.

My only mistake was to not purchase the driver backrest model. I tried to save a few bucks, but wish I'd gone all the way on the first go-around.

P.S.: My birthday is coming up, and I'm asking for a new seat- again. Here's hoping.

Jim O., West Chester, United States

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