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Kawasaki Testimonials

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No More “TB”

When I rode with my riding group with my stock seat, after about an hour, my butt would become extremely sore and I would squirm and TRY to get comfortable, to no avail. I recently bought the studded Mustang seat for my Vulcan 1600 Classic. I now can ride for hours and hours with no signs of TB (tired Butt). The Mustang seat is SO comfortable. I Love it, and am singing your praise to everyone! Thanks for the great products and for making my riding experience more pleasurable.

Brian Lowder

Now We Go from Dawn to Dusk

My spouse, Joan, and I could be in an ad for Mustang. I bought the Vulcan on the in August 2003 and the next week we started on a 2 week road trip from St. John's Newfoundland, across the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on to Nova Scotia. We toured around Nova Scotia and then rode back home. I could have given the bike away for 1/2 what I had just paid for it because of the discomfort, we had to stop for relief before we had to stop for gas. The pain in my inside thigh was biting and Joan was the same with every pothole and bridge expansion joint travelling right up her spine.

I purchased and installed the Mustang seats at the start of the season the following year and we now go from dawn to dark. We think nothing of spending 10 hours on the road and only stopping for gas, food or a special picture.

So thank you very much for 40,000 kms of pure riding pleasure.

Jim C., Newfoundland, Canada

La-Z-Boy Recliner Comfort

I just purchased a Mustang seat for my Kawasaki 1600 Nomad Cruiser. Oh my god is this seat comfortable!

Before, with the stock seat, I would get numbness in my tail bone after an hour plus my wife always wanted me to pull over so she could stretch her legs.

The moment I put on your dual seat with driver backrest, I thought I was back home in my La-Z-Boy recliner.

Thank you, Mustang, I'm telling you this seat is wicked, no more pain. Well worth the money.

Dan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kudos to a Job Well Done

Your seat did exactly what you said it would. It is so refreshing to have a product work and fit as advertised. I just purchased an '03 Vulcan and quickly discovered that the stock seat was misshaped and led to a numb bum in about 20 minutes. I was heading out on the maiden voyage and am experienced enough to know that my bum was not going to "break in the seat".

I ordered the mustang seat and it arrived a day before the ride. I was ecstatic from the first moment I sat on it. During the trip I simply drove from gas station to gas station (2hours) with no discomfort to my butt at all. Securely nestled into the seat I was more comfortable and better able to view the sights than I ever have been in my entire riding career (38years).

Unfortunately, the ride also showed me I need a bigger bike. I guarantee you I will be putting a Mustang seat on my bigger bike when I get it. Kudos to a job well done.

Larry M., Edmonton, AB

Arrival as Promised

The seat arrived in 3 days just like Ami promised. From the box to the first ride: about 15 minutes.

Left Ohio for our ride to Sturgis (1300+miles) on July 23 (a 2.5 day ride). On Sunday, July 27th, I received a call that there was a death in the family. I left early on Monday morning. After 300 miles on the road, I had a flat tire. Four hours later I was on the road but still 1,000 miles from home. Twenty-four hrs later and several cups of coffee, I was 10 miles from home sitting with some friends at our bike night eating some wings.

I road BMWs for 45 years with one of those west coast seats that "Beemer" riders like. I must say, the Mustang is every bit as good, and I got it in three day instead of three months. This 69 year old grandpa could not have ridden that far without the Mustang. No discomfort of any kind. What a great seat. My butt thanks you also.

Keith G., Martinsbury, OH

Made the Trip a Joy

I had a Mustang Seat on my previous Honda VT750 C2 so, when I changed to a Kawasaki VN900 Custom, I couldn't replace the seat quickly enough.

I have just returned from a week-long 6,000 km trip from Sydney, Australia, to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory. Averaging between 800 km and 1000 km per day, your seat (# 76127) was wonderful and made the trip a joy without any discomfort.

Thanks again for a wonderful product. I recommend Mustang to others every chance I get.

Ed C., Naremburn, NSW, AUM

Nothing but Praise

I just got my new seat yesterday just like Mustang promised. I'm so impressed with this company! The seat is just what I needed. Posted Mustang to my Face Book with nothing but praise for Mustang..and I have a lot of bike riding friends that will read about it!
Thank you,

M. Shimkus, Bellevue, NE

Made Biking Much More Enjoyable

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with our new Mustang seat.  We have a Kawasaki Vulcan and previous years we would go on short (3 or 4 hour) rides and I would get off the bike almost in tears.  My butt hurt so much!!!

My husband purchased a Mustang seat and installed it this spring.  Two weekends ago we went from New Brunswick, Canada to New Hampshire and had a great weekend.

This past weekend we toured the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton and had the most amazing weekend.  On the way home the weather got a little bad so we decided to head straight home.  We started at 10 am and stopped for a quick lunch and then straight through to home.  I sat for 6 hours straight with just stops for gas. 

When we arrived home I realized that I could have easily sat for a few more hours!!!  I am so impressed with your product; it has made biking so much more enjoyable for me!

J. Holly

New Fan

I have a lower back problem so, needless to say, after a few trips to work a week on my stock seat, my back was in pain. Due to having no back support, every time I went over a bump I found myself pulling forward to the bars.

After some research I chose to buy the Mustang. At first it felt hard but soon I came to appreciate the firmness--and the back support is first class. Now I don’t have to hang on to the grips every time I’m going over a bump. In one weekend I ended up riding approx. 600 miles with my friends. It would usually take me weeks to recover from a ride like that but not this time. With my new Mustang seat in place, I jumped on it the next day and went to work.

To sum up, it looks good and feels even better. If it holds its structural integrity on a long term, then Mustang found a new fan.


New and Improved Comfort

This past weekend I attended the International Motorcycle show in Greenville, SC. I have been debating about your touring seat for my Kawasaki Nomad for years and bought one at the show.  I was familiar with your product prior to the show but the display, sales reps and the opportunity to sit on a bike with one of your seats helped "seal the deal."  All the Mustang sales representatives that were present were most helpful and very professional.

The seat installed with no problems and is extremely comfortable.  My first thought as I rode the bike the first time after install was that "I should have done this years ago."  I honestly went from contemplating a new motorcycle to wanting to keep my existing bike for years to come simply because of the quality of your product. I look forward to many miles of "new and improved" comfort for years to come and just simply wanted to pass along my experience.

Thank you.

S. Harris

Rainy Day Comfort

Just wanted to let you know I am 70 years old and rode 778 miles on my Suzuki 50T this past weekend--about 140 miles were in a thunderstorm. Although I was tired come Monday, my back and butt were not sore.

Thanks for making a great product. Now, can you do anything about the rain?

Larry L.

No More Sore Butt

I bought my Mustang seat two weeks ago and what a great difference. No more sore butt. Looks good. I rode my 1500 Nomad from Montreal to Lake George non-stop. First time I could do this without having to stop because of my butt being sore. Also going to buy a seat for my wife's Suzuki. Thank you, Mustang, for your great service.


The Best Investment

I just wanted to let you guys know that I purchased the Mustang Wide Vintage Touring Seat about two weeks ago for my Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom and I have to say YOUR PRODUCT IS GREAT!!!! This is by far the best investment I have made and I will definitely recommend your products to any and everyone.

Thank you for making such a good, high quality product! Keep up the craftsmanship...because it is recognized. Thanks again.

Gregg S.

Good Looks and Supreme Comfort

I have a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic. I have done a lot of customizing to my bike and putting a Mustang seat and tank bib on were two of the customizations that I did. Last August I completed the Iron Butt SaddleSore 1600K run. I drove my bike 1698Km (1055 miles) within 24 hours (19 hours to be exact) from Saskatoon, SK, through Edmonton, AB, then to Vancouver, BC.

I would not have been able to make this type of run with the stock seat but with the Mustang seat my butt was comfortable. This spring my bike won 1st place in the Foreign Motorcycle category at Cyclemania in Saskatoon--proving it has both good looks and supreme comfort.


Craig, Saskatoon, SK

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