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Mustang Motorcycle Seat Styles & Descriptions

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This is an overview of Mustang seat styles and descriptions; styles may vary slightly for different makes and models. Contact our Seat Experts at Mustang to discuss the design best suited for your particular riding style.

NOTE: Although several Mustang seats are sold as separate solos and passenger seats, most of our seats that are built on a two-piece baseplate are sold as a set. While it may be possible to purchase just one of the two pieces, this is not recommended for several reasons. Buying the solo only, for instance, eliminates much of the support for the driver’s back that is provided by the front of the passenger seat on styles without a driver backrest. (Refer to “Compatibility with Stock”.)

DayTripper™: Mustang's advanced comfort technology has been incorporated into this sleek custom seat. Ride low and look cool and still be comfortable at the end of the day's ride. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Cobra Style: The lean, low look. The Cobra style provides a clean profile while maintaining comfort through molded, controlled density polyurethane foam.

Fastback™: Fastbacks™ are cut low to the ground with just enough foam to be comfortable. The tapered rear section flows smoothly to the fender, yet has adequate padding to still be used as a passenger seat.

Squareback™: A low cut seat for the driver and a squared off passenger seat make for functional two-up riding.

Regal Style: Soft pillow comfort with just enough folds and pleats to allow the cover full freedom to flex and conform. The Regal style is offered in many seat versions. Buttons are tightly sealed with o-rings at the base. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Vintage Style: The classic look with simple, straightforward lines. Skirt around the front features a braided edge trim. No conchos and no studs. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Studded Style: Traditional in style, modern in comfort. Most Mustang studded seats feature a skirt with braided edge trim, chrome studs, and leather-tied conchos. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

  • What is the difference between your Smooth and Regal Style seats? Which is more comfortable?
    Both styles of Mustang seats use the same seat foam on the same baseplate and each style provides equal comfort. The outer covering of most styles are glued to the foam for a snug fit. The cover of the Regal style, however, is gathered ("tufted") and held down with covered buttons, this allows the seat cover to attain the "pillow" look.
  • What is the difference between a pillion pad and a passenger seat?
    When referring to the part of the seat that a passenger sits on, a pillion pad, a passenger seat and a rear seat are the same thing.

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