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Yamaha Testimonials

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One Word - Great

One word now that I have the off-set Drivers seat bracket: GREAT!!!!!!

This is riding in style

Jim M., New Berlin, WI

My Back Thanks you

Just installed a Mustang Vintage 2 piece seat (#76563) on my V Star 1300 Tourer and took a ride. MAN O Man what a big, big difference it makes.

I have 2 rods and 6 screws in my lower back and, with the stock seat, my back would be sore after about an hour ride. With this new seat my back feels great after riding. Thanks for such a great seat!!

James D., Canal Winchester, OH

Gets Better The More You Ride

Since I've had my touring seat going on two years, I thought I would just let you know that I have been very pleased with the long range comfort. I have done 1,000 mile days, and though tired, my back and butt were nowhere near as tired as was the stock seat. Thanks for making a great product that gets better the more you ride. I also use protect all to keep it clean. The seat has endured many rainstorms, hailstorms, sleet, cold, and desert heat & winds. It still looks new. I am very pleased to have one on my bike.

Martin E., Lawrenceburg, KY

Seat Looks Brilliant

Just to let you know I have now bought the seat #75277 through my bike dealer here in the UK, who opened an account with you because you were the only people we could find that produced exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for the care taken in making the seat - it is so comfortable and most definitely stunning to look at. We are getting many comments about it and, needless to say, I tell them about Mustang!

I am attaching some photos which, I think, show off the seat really well. I am certainly very happy for you to use any of them on your site if you wish.

I would thoroughly recommend Mustang seats to anyone who is looking for style and comfort. No more numbness on the longer journeys! Rider and passenger are extremely happy. You've gotta admit, the seat looks brilliant and considering they were made in the USA and delivered to us in the UK the price is brilliant too. Delivery - three days!!

Many thanks again.

Mary W, UK

Seat Gets More and More Comfortable

I am the owner of a Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom.  When I first purchased the bike my poor butt just couldn’t take a ride any longer than 40 to 50 miles without becoming numb.  I initially thought it was due to my age (52), that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Well, I went on line and found out it just wasn’t me but most people who own my bike model.  I went to your great web site and ordered a seat.  That was the best investment I have made concerning this bike.  What a fantastic difference.  You know what’s funny?  The more I ride the bike the better the seat gets.  I mean it is just more and more comfortable.  Thank you for a great product.

Steve J., Milford, CA

100% Perfect

Wow, I kept dreaming and waiting.  The wait is over.  

I just mounted my solo with backrest and passenger seats on my Star Stratoliner Midnight.

These seats were 100% perfect for this bike. They are beautiful, the stitching is amazing and my riding pleasure just went from 100% to 1000%.

Keep up the pride in craftsmanship; it makes a lot of people happy. Thanks.

Josh, NY

No Sore Butt

I bought your seat combo for my V Star 1300 Yamaha.  Stock seat was really bad for comfort--one hour and a sore butt.

Rode 2000 miles on your seat, ten hours straight at a time.  It was great.  Super comfort and no sore butt.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you.

John B., Kelowna, BC, Canada

A Joy to Ride for Hours

I'm back with my ride review.  I have an 09 Yamaha V950 fitted with the Two-Piece Wide Touring Seat with Driver Backrest and matching Sissy Bar Pad.   The weather finally improved, and after putting many miles on all types of roads, I'm here to say that this seat and backrest was worth every penny I spent.  No more aching back.  What a joy to ride for hours and when I get off the bike, I can walk upright and not hunched over until my back stops hurting.  It's very difficult to believe the difference unless you have had a bad back and then gone to this seat and backrest.

All I can say is Thank You Mustang for a GREAT seat-backrest combo and the excellent service you have provided to me.

Thank you again.

Jim F., Northeast Pennsylvania

Different Riding Machine

All that I can say is that I am impressed - my V-Star 1100 is a different riding machine now. I just stopped by my local watering hole and a few of my riding friends are jealous. I suspect there will be more orders coming to Calgary.

Thanks for the fantastic seat - I am going to be enjoying it :)

R.Kitella, Calgary, AB

Worth Every Penny

The reason I'm writing this is to thank you all at Mustang for designing and building such an incredibly comfortable seat. I have just returned from the south of France on my Yamaha XV1100 Virago and the difference between the stock seat and the Mustang is utterly astonishing.

It's like night and day. It takes a long journey to fully appreciate the additional comfort. Not once did I feel any fatigue in buttock department. Even after 500 miles I felt no pain whatsoever.

I will admit that I was pretty surprised when I first discovered the cost of your seats but I can say without a word of a lie that it was worth every penny. My only regret is not buying it years ago.

Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all who took a part in designing and manufacturing this wonderful item.

Alex B., England

Can't Believe the Difference

Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great seat.  I have a 700 Virago that my wife and I used to 'maybe' get 40 miles out of a 'sitting' before I was feeling numb from my waist down and she'd literally have to shift around every 5 minutes to relieve the pain.

We purchased a Mustang seat and backrest over 2 weeks ago, and have put over 1000 miles total on bike since then.  Not once did either of us have any sort of rear end pain/back pain/nothing. Seriously, like someone else added in one of their notes to you, the seat should come with a Velcro strap to keep both of us from falling asleep.  They're just too comfortable.  Can't believe the difference--and did I forget to mention the SUPER back support?

Thanks again for a truly wonderful product!!

Steve and Vicki O

Everything It was Promised to Be

Bought driver's seat with backrest and passenger seat for V Star 950 and it made a world of difference in the ride. Traded that bike for V Star 1300 and have just ordered the same combo for it. Expect to get same results.

Thanks for a well crafted product that is everything it was promised to be and the price is very much in line with the quality of product. Thank you.

William W., Spartanburg, SC


Last winter I had a bad skiing accident and broke my back in 2 places. I didn't know if I would ever ride again but knew I would have some serious decisions to make. I purchased a Mustang seat for my Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic.

I never realized what true riding comfort was. Thanks to Mustang, I enjoy longer more comfortable rides. Best investment I have made for my bike. My passenger (wife) is as happy as I am with the new seat. Whatever I may ride in the future, it will have a Mustang seat.

Ken G., London, Ontario

I Promised My Butt

Last year I purchased a Mustang seat for my Silverado. I'd had a minor get-off that damaged one of my leather bags and, since my insurance was kind enough to replace both, I thought I'd invest in a new seat at the same time. So this was much more of a styling exercise than it was due to any real dissatisfaction with the stock seat. Of course the Mustang seat looked great so I was happy with my purchase.

Well, I recently got back from the "Roar to Reno" Street Vibrations which was the first long ride with the new seat. We rode 4000 kilometers over 6 days round trip. Averaging 600 to 700 kilometers a day is about all this 53-year-old carcass can take, but it was a breeze on the Mustang seat. I had no numb bum and no lower back pain whatsoever. I promised my butt I would write you a letter of thanks, so here it is.

I have owned lots of bikes over the years and the Road Star has been as good or better than all of them for the long haul, but I've always just assumed some level of discomfort was the price to pay for being a motorcycle enthusiast. If I had known that this seat was so good, I wouldn't have waited eight years to buy it! I was wrong all these years.

Next time I get another bike (yes dear, there will be more) I will start with the seat and THEN add the chrome!

Peter M., New Westminster, BC, Canada

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