Seat Fitment

Seat Installation
Most Mustang seats are designed to install just like your stock seat--using the same mounting points and hardware as your original seat. It usually takes about fifteen minutes to remove the stock seat and install your new Mustang seat. Detailed “Mounting Suggestions” are included with each seat and can also be found on this site.

Measuring the Width of a Seat
The width of Mustang seats is obtained by measuring across the widest point of the seating area whether for the driver (“front width”) or the passenger (“rear width”).

Compatibility with Stock
Since Mustang seat components are built for precision fitment to each other, it is usually not possible to mix and match Mustang solos and rear seats to stock or other aftermarket solos and rear seats. Before purchasing, please inquire regarding each individual Mustang solo or rear seat’s fitment compatibility with stock.

On those Mustang halves that will mate with stock, the vinyl and stitching patterns are close to the stock seat.

Please note that, on many styles such as solos without the removable driver backrest, the front of the passenger seat provides a large measure of the support for the driver's back. Buying only the solo eliminates that added back support for the driver.


  • Are Mustang solo seats with built-in driver backrests compatible with a stock passenger seat?
    No. The overlap of the passenger seat is not complementary with the backrest post and receptacle. However, Mustang does manufacture a recessed passenger seat specifically for this purpose. (The recessed pad is designed with the necessary clearance to avoid any interference with the driver backrest shaft or adjustment knob.)
  • Do Mustang seats put the driver at the same height as the stock seat?
    Mustang seats usually put the driver at the same height as the stock seat did when it was new. However, the foam (cushion) that we use is a higher quality, much firmer foam than the stock seat. Depending on the age of your stock seat and how much the foam has deteriorated, you may sit about .5” to 1” higher.
  • Will Mustang sissy bar pads fit on stock sissy bars?
    Yes, with very rare exception, Mustang sissy bar pads will fit on standard size stock sissy bar systems.

Note: While your riding comfort is our primary goal, we also take great pride in the elegant design of our seats. Every Mustang seat is meticulously constructed to enhance the lines of your particular motorcycle. Your Mustang seat will make your riding more comfortable and your ride more attractive. We also offer accessories such as sissy bar pads, tank and fender bibs to complete the coordinated, custom look on your bike.

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