Seat Repairs, Recovering, and Customization

Wet Seats

Whether due to rain or washing the bike, motorcycle seats, backrests, tank and fender bibs get wet. These Mustang products are not damaged in any way by getting wet--or even staying wet for a day, a week,or a month.

For the outside of a seat or pad to be waterproof, it would have to be a molded plastic cover, like some OEM seats, with no stitching in the cover. Any seat or pad that has an upgraded, upholstered cover with stitched seams (like most aftermarket seats) cannot be totally impermeable to water. Water will tend to leak through the stitching (see "Washing, Waxing & Treating" regarding waterproofing below). If the seat or pad does get wet, it will need awhile to dry out--just like your car seat if you left the window open during a rainstorm. (Some riders choose to use a seat rain cover to prevent their seat from getting wet.)

Mustang has been designing and manufacturing motorcycle seats since 1980. We, ourselves, mix the chemicals to make the foam for every seat. Our foam will not be damaged if it gets wet in a rainstorm or while washing the bike. It simply has to dry out, at which time it will return to its original resilience.

However, since no one likes to have a "wet butt," you might want to minimize the intake of water along your seat seams. The best and easiest way to achieve this is by using ProtectAll™. Applying ProtectAll™ will not only help seal the seams, but is also excellent for cleaning, polishing, waxing and treating all vinyl seats (see below: Washing, Waxing, Treating).

Another method to minimize wet seats is to apply clear (not white) paste wax with your finger just along the stitched seams. Rub the wax into the seam and wipe off excess. This will help seal the seams and reduce water intake. (Do not wax the entire seat since you do not want to sit on a "slippery" seat.)

Our pillow top "Regal" style seats feature a small rubber gasket under each covered button to prevent water from seeping through the button holes in the cover.

Washing, Waxing & Treating Seats and Accessories

Mustang seats and accessories are made of the highest quality vinyl and will retain their looks for years without any extra care. Mustang seats can be washed with any mild, non-abrasive detergent. Mustang recommends ProtectAll™, a do-it-all type of cleaner that cleans, polishes, waxes, treats and protects every surface. ProtectAll™s water repellent carnauba wax formula provides durable protection against all elements. The quality of carnauba wax, incorporated into the formula, is largely responsible for providing durable protection. Simply spray, wipe, and polish dry for a beautiful, durable, lasting shine.

ProtectAll's™ anti-static property is ideal for treating vinyl to a clean, dry natural appearance. It leaves NO oily film to attract dust and dirt. With regular use, ProtectAll™s highly effective UV absorber additive helps to protect all surfaces by absorbing the UV light rays and blocking them from reaching the finish.

Cuts, Scratches or Scuff Marks

As with any upholstered product (such as couches, chairs or car seats), there is a possibility of cutting or tearing the cover material. Please contact Mustang directly and one of our seats experts will provide you with the best possible advice about your particular situation. (Most local upholstery shops do a very good job of repairing vinyl.)

If your seat has been scratched or scuffed, try gently applying a small dab of black paste shoe polish on the affected area. Allow it to dry completely, then buff out with a clean soft cloth. If you have any questions, please contact Mustang and speak to one of our seat experts.