Seat General Information and FAQs

Note: Detailed seat information for your bike (including seat styles, pictures, dimensions, prices, baseplate views and mounting suggestions) can be found with the descriptions of each seat shown on our website.

Seat Fitment

Seat Installation
Most Mustang seats are designed to install just like your stock seat--using the same mounting points and hardware as your original seat. It usually takes about fifteen minutes to remove the stock seat and install your new Mustang seat. Detailed “Mounting Suggestions” are included with each seat and can also be found on this site.

Measuring the Width of a Seat
The width of Mustang seats is obtained by measuring across the widest point of the seating area whether for the driver (“front width”) or the passenger (“rear width”).

Compatibility with Stock
Since Mustang seat components are built for precision fitment to each other, it is usually not possible to mix and match Mustang solos and rear seats to stock or other aftermarket solos and rear seats. Before purchasing, please inquire regarding each individual Mustang solo or rear seat’s fitment compatibility with stock.

On those Mustang halves that will mate with stock, the vinyl and stitching patterns are close to the stock seat.

Please note that, on many styles such as solos without the removable driver backrest, the front of the passenger seat provides a large measure of the support for the driver's back. Buying only the solo eliminates that added back support for the driver.

  • Are Mustang solo seats with built-in driver backrests compatible with a stock passenger seat?
    No. The overlap of the passenger seat is not complementary with the backrest post and receptacle. However, Mustang does manufacture a recessed passenger seat specifically for this purpose. (The recessed pad is designed with the necessary clearance to avoid any interference with the driver backrest shaft or adjustment knob.)
  • Do Mustang seats put the driver at the same height as the stock seat?
    Mustang seats usually put the driver at the same height as the stock seat did when it was new. However, the foam (cushion) that we use is a higher quality, much firmer foam than the stock seat. Depending on the age of your stock seat and how much the foam has deteriorated, you may sit about .5” to 1” higher.
  • Will Mustang sissy bar pads fit on stock sissy bars?
    Yes, with very rare exception, Mustang sissy bar pads will fit on standard size stock sissy bar systems. Note: While your riding comfort is our primary goal, we also take great pride in the elegant design of our seats. Every Mustang seat is meticulously constructed to enhance the lines of your particular motorcycle. Your Mustang seat will make your riding more comfortable and your ride more attractive. We also offer accessories such as sissy bar pads, tank and fender bibs to complete the coordinated, custom look on your bike.

Seat Features

Optional Driver Backrests
Some styles of Mustang seats are available with a built-in, removable driver backrest which offers more features than any other backrest on the market (see Removable Driver Backrests below). The receptacle hardware is built directly into the seat.

Optional Driver Backrest Kits for Harley-Davidson FL Models
Mustang also offers a Driver Backrest Kit that only fits with Mustang's One-Piece Touring Seats for Harley-Davidson FL models or the stock, one piece-seat. Driver Backrest Kits have the same features as Mustang's built-in driver backrests (see Removable Driver Backrests below). Kits will not work with solo seats or with any other motorcycle make or model.

Removable Driver Backrests
The more you ride, the more you realize that "the most comfortable seat possible" means comfort for your back as well as for your bottom. Nothing takes the fatigue out of riding more than having full back support and being able to effortlessly adjust your lumbar support frequently. Whether sitting in your living room, car or on your motorcycle, your back deserves the best support possible. Mustang's driver backrests are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to be the most comfortable driver backrest on the market—and the answer to your riding comfort, cross-town or cross-country!

Check out our Driver Backrest features:

  • The contoured pad measures approximately 7" h x 12" w.
  • Folds completely flat for ease of getting on your motorcycle.
  • Completely adjustable: up/down, back/forward and pivots:
    • The backrest post is notched allowing four easy "snap-in-place" height adjustment positions.
    • The chromed, knurled thumb screw easily adjusts the tilt angle of the backrest forward or back up to 2" while you are seated. Thumb screw is notched and will not fall out.
    • Backrest pivots to match your back angle.
  • All exposed hardware is chrome-plated for a custom look.
  • Studded styles feature chrome studs on the back, not on the top where you might catch them with your boot.
  • Chrome steel backrest post slides in and out of receptacle that is reinforced and riveted directly into the baseplate for strength.
  • Ball-end, spring loaded detent screw is set at the factory to ensure positive height adjustment stops.
  • Foam surrounds the hardware to provide maximum comfort.
  • Nylon friction washers and stop nuts keep the mechanism tight with smooth operation.
  • Backrest is easily removed without any tools or the need to remove the seat.
  • When backrest is not in use, the receptacle's slot is covered by a leather flap held tightly with a hook-and-loop closure for a smooth, clean appearance.
  • Can a driver backrest be added later to a seat?
    No. The receptacle that houses the receiver mechanism for the driver backrest is built into the seat baseplate. It is carefully engineered for utmost strength for driver safety. This receiver cannot be added to an existing Mustang seat.
  • Are Mustang solo seats with driver backrests compatible with stock passenger seats?
    No. Mustang solo seats with driver backrests are not compatible with most stock passenger seats because the passenger seat would overlap with the backrest post and receptacle. Mustang manufactures a passenger seat that is specifically designed to be recessed to avoid any interference from the driver backrest.
  • I want the full support that Mustang’s backrest offers but I'm really tall with long arms. Will I have ample room?
    Most riders are satisfied with the standard backrest post, but those who need more room from the handlebars can opt for an “offset post” that will set the backrest back slightly—see below.

Mustang's Offset Driver Backrest Post
Mustang's Offset Driver Backrest Post (#75099) is available for riders looking to move back away from their handlebars and gas tank. This post replaces the standard driver backrest post in all Mustang solo seats that have the built-in driver backrest unit. It has all the features of our standard driver backrest but allows the driver to lean back 2" further. Offset posts can be used with most Mustang solos with the driver backrest slot. It can also be used with most of Mustang's recessed passenger seats, but might interfere slightly with the front end of other Mustang rear seats. This offset post cannot be used in any of the Mustang frame-mounted driver backrest kits that are made for the Harley-Davidson® FLHT, FLTR and FLHR models. It is not recommended for seats on which the driver backrest is built into the passenger seat such as the Honda 1100 Sabre; Kawasaki Vulcan 900, 1500 Classic and Nomad; and the Harley- Davidson® V-Rod.

  • Does an offset backrest post come standard with the purchase of a seat?
    No, the offset post does not come standard on Mustang driver backrests (exceptions: Yamaha Road Star, and Harley-Davidson® Sportster).
  • Can I order an offset backrest post?
    Yes. If you decide you need an off-set bracket after you have ridden on your new seat, you can order (Mustang part #75099 for $25). Switching from the original to the offset post is not difficult.

Passenger Backrests

  • Does Mustang make a passenger backrest that is built into the seat?
    Yes. We offer seats with the passenger backrest built in for the following models only: Honda Fury 2010-2012; Road King 1997-2012; FLHT & FLTR 1997-2012; Screamin' Eagle 1997-2005 and FLHX Street Glide 2006-2012.

Seat Construction

Mustang's President, Al Simmons, insists that every Mustang seat is built to show bike quality standards. Our seats will retain their looks with no maintenance on your part--just years of comfortable riding! Mustang believes that, with a well-designed seat, there is no reason to be uncomfortable. You should always enjoy your ride--whether five miles or all day.

Mustang seats are meticulously designed so that the baseplate, foam and cover components combine to make the finest, most comfortable seat possible. All seat components are hand assembled at our New England facility to give you the high quality seat that makes Mustang America's choice for comfort.

Mustang seats are constructed on either a single baseplate (both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat are built on the same, single baseplate) or a two-piece baseplate (the driver's seat is constructed on a separate baseplate from the passenger’s seat).

Both of the pieces on a two-piece baseplate can be attached together for two-up riding or separated to ride as a solo seat. Some Mustang seats feature a “two-piece look” but are actually built on a single baseplate. Mustang baseplates are constructed of either marine-grade fiberglass or steel.

  • Mustang Baseplates for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Victory Seats
    All baseplates for these seats are made of marine-grade, 3/16" thick fiberglass, finished in high gloss gel coat. All brackets are riveted in place. Exposed brackets are bright chrome plated. Polyurethane rubber bumpers are strategically located and riveted to the baseplate to prevent it from touching the frame and fender and to minimize vibration. Bumpers will not crack with age and are ozone protected. The hidden brackets have a tough, black epoxy powder coat finish and the edges of all baseplates have a steel reinforced, impact absorbing vinyl edge trim to protect the seat cover Mustang's unique internal support wings are added to the baseplate to provide maximum driver and passenger comfort. These wings support the entire width of the molded foam. This feature is found on most Mustang touring seats.
  • Baseplates for Mustang Seats for Harley-Davidson®
    Formed 16 gauge steel baseplates are black epoxy powder coated on both sides for complete rust proofing. Carpet protects fender paint. Exposed brackets are bright chrome plated.NOTE: FLHT/FLHR Ultra and 2006-up Dyna baseplates are made of marine-grade fiberglass 3/16" thick finished in high gloss gel coat. This allows for the use of a fender mounted driver backrest kit.

The edges of all baseplates have a steel reinforced, impact absorbing vinyl edge trim to protect the seat cover. Polyurethane bumpers are strategically located and riveted to the baseplate to prevent it from touching the frame and fender and to minimize vibration. Mustang's unique internal support wings are added to the baseplate to provide maximum driver and passenger comfort. These wings support the entire width of the molded foam. This feature is found on most Mustang touring seats. Bumpers will not crack with age and are ozone protected. Solos with built-in driver backrests have the receiver welded and reinforced to the baseplate for strength. Foam surrounds the hardware to provide maximum comfort.

All foam is compounded and molded at our New England facility. For a seat to be comfortable, "it's what's inside that counts". The most important component of comfort is the seat foam--both the quality of the foam itself and its design. Each Mustang foam is formulated and cast to be soft enough for comfort and resilient enough to stand up to those "thousand- mile" days. Mustang has over 25 years of experience in compounding the right chemical mix to create the best controlled density polyurethane foam for all-day comfort. The foam has a density of approximately four pounds per cubic foot, depending on the size and thickness of the seat. The foam must then be molded to the correct shape to support your body at the best angle.

Mustang’s high quality foam usually feels firmer than stock but is less firm than other aftermarket seats. It will compress enough to mold itself to your body shape within about 15 minutes of riding time--every time you ride. You do not need a "break-in" period to be comfortable. Your 100th ride will be equal to your 10,000th mile. Mustang seats are known for retaining their shape and support after years of use.

  • What is “split-foam” construction?
    The term simply refers to the look of one style of seats that has the appearance of being made from two parts (a solo seat and a passenger seat) but which is really constructed on a single baseplate. The foam for seats with this look has been split in the middle to give it a two-piece appearance.
  • Does Mustang use gel in the seats?
    No, Mustang does not use gel in our motorcycle seats. We manufacture our seats with the very best controlled-density, polyurethane foam possible. To put it simply, gel does not compress—it just changes its shape. Foam compresses (what you need your Mustang seat to do) while gel displaces (imagine a tube of toothpaste). Gel may be suitable for a very high-pressure application in a limited area such as bicycle seats or soles of shoes. However, to be fully supported and all-day comfortable, your posterior needs and deserves the cushioning of Mustang foam.

Cover Material
All covers are designed, cut and individually sewn at our New England facility. Covers are made of the highest quality expanded vinyl available. They have the appearance of black leather but the durability and resistance to the elements that exceed original equipment standards for motorcycle seats. All seams are sewn twice for strength. The bottom edge that holds the cover to the base plate is hemmed where the rivets hold the cover to the baseplate.

The edges of our seat skirts are finished with braid. Regal styles are tufted with covered buttons which are double-tied with four cords, not two. Mustang seats do not lose their buttons.

  • Does Mustang offer seats in different colors?
    No. Mustang seats are available in black only; We currently do not offer seats in any other color.
    NOTE: Although all seats and accessories are black, they may appear grayish on the website or in the catalog.
  • Why does Mustang use vinyl seat covering?
    Vinyl has the durability to resist all weather conditions better than other materials. It does not fade and requires practically no maintenance.
  • Does Mustang offer leather seats as an option?
    No, we do not make any seats in leather; all Mustang seats are covered with top quality expanded vinyl for durability and easy care.

Studs, Conchos and Fringe
Decorative studs are chrome-plated brass, not steel, and will never rust. Our custom-made conchos, heavy die cast zinc, not a thin stamping and are hand-tied with genuine leather straps. Our fringe is vat-dyed leather so that the color goes all the way through. If you would like to purchase additional studs or conchos, please contact Mustang.

Seat Repairs, Recovering & Customization

Mustang’s one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship is affixed to the bottom of every seat.

  • Repairs Under Warranty: Regardless of where you purchased a Mustang seat, we will directly honor your warranty. Mustang will repair or replace a defective seat under warranty at no charge (free inspection, free repair or replacement, free handling and free shipment back to the customer). While many dealers are very helpful, we have no control over whether a dealer will assist you with repairs to damaged seats, whether or not they are under warranty.
  • Repairs Outside Warranty: Mustang offers complete repair service for current model Mustang seats at very reasonable rates. Regardless of where you purchased your Mustang seat, we will inspect your seat and give you a free estimate of the repair fee. Then, regardless of whether you choose to have us perform the repairs, we will ship your seat back to you.

Mustang will recover (replace the top, vinyl covering) of a current model Mustang seat. We do not recover any of our Mustang discontinued seats nor do we recover any stock or other aftermarket seat. The approximate cost to recover a seat is about two-thirds of the current price of the seat. We will be happy to inspect your seat and provide you a free estimate. You or your dealer must contact Mustang prior to sending in any seats for repair, recover or inspection. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Mustang does not customize seats or build seats to your specifications.

If, after reviewing the information, you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact one of our Mustang seat experts by calling us 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100 Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 5:30 Eastern time, or by visiting the Contact Us page.

Seat Styles And Descriptions

This is an overview of Mustang seat styles and descriptions; styles may vary slightly for different makes and models. Contact our Seat Experts at Mustang to discuss the design best suited for your particular riding style.

NOTE: Although several Mustang seats are sold as separate solos and passenger seats, most of our seats that are built on a two-piece baseplate are sold as a set. While it may be possible to purchase just one of the two pieces, this is not recommended for several reasons. Buying the solo only, for instance, eliminates much of the support for the driver’s back that is provided by the front of the passenger seat on styles without a driver backrest. (Refer to “Compatibility with Stock”.)

DayTripper™: Mustang's advanced comfort technology has been incorporated into this sleek custom seat. Ride low and look cool and still be comfortable at the end of the day's ride. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Cobra Style: The lean, low look. The Cobra style provides a clean profile while maintaining comfort through molded, controlled density polyurethane foam.

Fastback™: Fastbacks™ are cut low to the ground with just enough foam to be comfortable. The tapered rear section flows smoothly to the fender, yet has adequate padding to still be used as a passenger seat.

Squareback™: A low cut seat for the driver and a squared off passenger seat make for functional two-up riding.

Regal Style: Soft pillow comfort with just enough folds and pleats to allow the cover full freedom to flex and conform. The Regal style is offered in many seat versions. Buttons are tightly sealed with o-rings at the base. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Vintage Style: The classic look with simple, straightforward lines. Skirt around the front features a braided edge trim. No conchos and no studs. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

Studded Style: Traditional in style, modern in comfort. Most Mustang studded seats feature a skirt with braided edge trim, chrome studs, and leather-tied conchos. This style is available in the original or Wide Touring versions.

  • What is the difference between your Smooth and Regal Style seats? Which is more comfortable?
    Both styles of Mustang seats use the same seat foam on the same baseplate and each style provides equal comfort. The outer covering of most styles are glued to the foam for a snug fit. The cover of the Regal style, however, is gathered ("tufted") and held down with covered buttons, this allows the seat cover to attain the "pillow" look.
  • What is the difference between a pillion pad and a passenger seat?
    When referring to the part of the seat that a passenger sits on, a pillion pad, a passenger seat and a rear seat are the same thing.