Seat Features

Optional Driver Backrests
Some styles of Mustang seats are available with a built-in, removable driver backrest which offers more features than any other backrest on the market (see Removable Driver Backrests below). The receptacle hardware is built directly into the seat.

Optional Driver Backrest Kits for Harley-Davidson FL Models
Mustang also offers a Driver Backrest Kit that only fits with Mustang's One-Piece Touring Seats for Harley-Davidson FL models or the stock, one piece-seat. Driver Backrest Kits have the same features as Mustang's built-in driver backrests (see Removable Driver Backrests below). Kits will not work with solo seats or with any other motorcycle make or model.

Removable Driver Backrests
The more you ride, the more you realize that "the most comfortable seat possible" means comfort for your back as well as for your bottom. Nothing takes the fatigue out of riding more than having full back support and being able to effortlessly adjust your lumbar support frequently. Whether sitting in your living room, car or on your motorcycle, your back deserves the best support possible. Mustang's driver backrests are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to be the most comfortable driver backrest on the market—and the answer to your riding comfort, cross-town or cross-country!

Check out our Driver Backrest features:

  • The contoured pad measures approximately 7" h x 12" w.
  • Folds completely flat for ease of getting on your motorcycle.
  • Completely adjustable: up/down, back/forward and pivots:
    • The backrest post is notched allowing four easy "snap-in-place" height adjustment positions.
    • The chromed, knurled thumb screw easily adjusts the tilt angle of the backrest forward or back up to 2" while you are seated. Thumb screw is notched and will not fall out.
    • Backrest pivots to match your back angle.
  • All exposed hardware is chrome-plated for a custom look.
  • Studded styles feature chrome studs on the back, not on the top where you might catch them with your boot.
  • Chrome steel backrest post slides in and out of receptacle that is reinforced and riveted directly into the baseplate for strength.
  • Ball-end, spring loaded detent screw is set at the factory to ensure positive height adjustment stops.
  • Foam surrounds the hardware to provide maximum comfort.
  • Nylon friction washers and stop nuts keep the mechanism tight with smooth operation.
  • Backrest is easily removed without any tools or the need to remove the seat.
  • When backrest is not in use, the receptacle's slot is covered by a leather flap held tightly with a hook-and-loop closure for a smooth, clean appearance.

  • Can a driver backrest be added later to a seat?
    No. The receptacle that houses the receiver mechanism for the driver backrest is built into the seat baseplate. It is carefully engineered for utmost strength for driver safety. This receiver cannot be added to an existing Mustang seat.
  • Are Mustang solo seats with driver backrests compatible with stock passenger seats?
    No. Mustang solo seats with driver backrests are not compatible with most stock passenger seats because the passenger seat would overlap with the backrest post and receptacle. Mustang manufactures a passenger seat that is specifically designed to be recessed to avoid any interference from the driver backrest.
  • I want the full support that Mustang’s backrest offers but I'm really tall with long arms. Will I have ample room?
    Most riders are satisfied with the standard backrest post, but those who need more room from the handlebars can opt for an “offset post” that will set the backrest back slightly—see below.

Mustang's Offset Driver Backrest Post
Mustang's Offset Driver Backrest Post (#75099) is available for riders looking to move back away from their handlebars and gas tank. This post replaces the standard driver backrest post in all Mustang solo seats that have the built-in driver backrest unit. It has all the features of our standard driver backrest but allows the driver to lean back 2" further. Offset posts can be used with most Mustang solos with the driver backrest slot. It can also be used with most of Mustang's recessed passenger seats, but might interfere slightly with the front end of other Mustang rear seats. This offset post cannot be used in any of the Mustang frame-mounted driver backrest kits that are made for the Harley-Davidson® FLHT, FLTR and FLHR models. It is not recommended for seats on which the driver backrest is built into the passenger seat such as the Honda 1100 Sabre; Kawasaki Vulcan 900, 1500 Classic and Nomad; and the Harley- Davidson® V-Rod.

  • Does an offset backrest post come standard with the purchase of a seat?
    No, the offset post does not come standard on Mustang driver backrests (exceptions: Yamaha Road Star, and Harley-Davidson® Sportster).
  • Can I order an offset backrest post?
    Yes. If you decide you need an off-set bracket after you have ridden on your new seat, you can order (Mustang part #75099). Switching from the original to the offset post is not difficult.

Passenger Backrests

  • Does Mustang make a passenger backrest that is built into the seat?
    Yes. We offer seats with the passenger backrest built in for the following models only: Honda Fury 2010-2012; Road King 1997-2012; FLHT & FLTR 1997-2012; Screamin' Eagle 1997-2005 and FLHX Street Glide 2006-2012.

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